Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Reclaim

I Reclaim
I stand here now to reclaim
Reclaim my life, my hopes,
My voice. I stand here.
Newly born in metaphorical skin
Once lost not yet fully found but close
I stand here to reclaim
To reclaim my life fully and forcefully
No longer fretful about the past
Rooted. Set firmly in the present
Resolved. I move forward and onward
To a better place
Long embedded but not recognized
Or acknowledged
 Until now
No longer will I mourn
No longer will I regret
No longer will I feel bereavement for
Those things I cannot change
Past mistakes, misconceptions
Failures and shame
I cannot
Memories that pain or bleed
Past missteps
But today and now, yes now
I can change me
So I reclaim all of me
Broken, bitter, resentful, angry
Good, bad and indifferent
I reclaim
I embrace my family newly minted
Family of birth long gone
No power to erase the loses
Death has entered and left me forlorn
Anger drained me of much needed
--- life force
I ask forgiveness
Forgiveness for things I did not understand
From my parents my elders
Those left behind
---hurt in my path
I reclaim
My wholeness, my brokenness
No more am I what is behind
Light has replaced that which was once
Still standing
Head held high I move into
New light
Chin up, shoulders square
Back supple
Ready to rise up to take
For a new generation
A new day
I reclaim
Injustice will no longer keep me chained
I unfetter my spirit willingly from karmic bonds
Forged in steel through the ethers
To dwell in this cleansed vessel
I accept a redefined mission
And purpose
I am home

Taken from unpublished work titled "Muse Melodies"

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