Tuesday, April 16, 2013


From Today I rise
From my suspended place
In space now cold, alone
 Not for long
To long floating high
Imprisoned on my lonely isle
High, high in the sky
Surrounded by a sea of fire
Until now unable to leave
Centered, trapped in the middle
No life, no trees, no birds
Just me---an island
Burning; A mere shadow surrounded by heat
Smoke filled environs
Endlessly, tirelessly
No noise. No peace. No light
Only darkness opaque and heavy
Heated tears flowing
But from today: today I rise
No more walking to the edge of
Hot blackened sands with bloodied
Scared feet
Trying too many times only to fail
To leave
 Bound by immovable forces
No more
Today I rise.  I rise
I stand walking naked unaided across beds
Beds of fire
Feet now hardened prepared
To lunge, to Fly, to leap
Like a black bird once broken
 With new wings unfurled
Created from chaos and despair
From today I stand resurrected
I have risen purposeful---determined
With Renewed vision and energy
A clear destination ahead
Through the fires
Through the embers
Through the blue I move unencumbered
Brilliant light as far as my eyes can see
Drizzling then dappling. I can reach. It is not far.

Taken from unpublished work titled "Muse Melodies"

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