Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Muse Returned

Muse Returned
You were gone for so long
Now you have returned like a prodigal daughter
---but not unwashed
Suddenly there you were
I felt you re-enter
Starring through my mortal eyes
A sublime moment
My hand reached for pen and paper
As you spoke
Spidery words all in haste
Spilling from my fingers frozen from fear
And angst for far too long
There you were
Flowing and toppling fourth
Through aged enameled tips
Unabashed, untamed, unencumbered
Just like old times
Now you’re here I hope you’ll stay
‘Cause all is lost without you
There is a vacuum
A space
In your place
Emptiness in the stillness
And unaware am I
Until you come back

Taken from unpublished work titled "Muse Melodies"

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