Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You Inspire Me

A Love letter to my husband Keith David Gittens-Jones

You Inspire Me

The girl I used to be
No more
Would have never seen you
Given you a chance
You were not my type
The woman I am recognizes your
Greatness, your many treasures
I went for glamour and glitz
For popularity
The cool ones---you know
The ones with the hair?
Long or white skinned with
only liked
My body
Rebels who made trouble
Those who never gave but only took
Then you came along
Not trying to dazzle
Showing me there was more
For the first time I was
Attracted to
Substance and quality
To someone who saw me
Not through but
Into and beyond
You shook my world
Made me stand still
Was this real?
You respected me, trusted
You shielded me with your girth
Gave me room to heal and grow
Asking for little
Just my love
Which I learned later
Was really a lot
Unconditional yours still
I learned from you to love healthy
That hurting was not the norm
Not all the time
You taught me trust and about
Believing in something other
Than pain
---my normal
You helped me to reshape and reshine
My world
To learn the meaning of
In my brokeness you stood
By and with me
Absorbing, unyielding
Your strength has sheltered
Supported me
Your love has tempered my haste
My impudence and given me
There is no other who
Could take your place
Now or ever
I honor you
I love you
Without you where
Where would I be?
You inspire me to be better
To do better
My life called out for a person
Like you to save me
And you came
Now it is time for me to
Return the favor by being present
For you in your time of need
I am here

Taken from unpublished work titled "Muse Melodies"

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